Mediation Services

Mediation is when two parties freely get together to try to work through a dispute. At Okanagan Mediation Services, we take a measured approach that helps guide you to find a solution to your corporate and family disputes. As a cheaper alternative to litigation, we aim to provide a timely solution.

Commercial Mediation

During the course of business, disputes may arise, we seek to help bring resolution to all your corporate disputes, whether internally or externally. We have worked with international corporations to small business.

Family Mediation

As a family, dispute may arise through the dissolution of marriage, parenting disagreements, or parent vs teen. We aim to help address all your concerns.

Alternative Mediation

As a leader in finding new solutions to complex problems, we are proud of our work with the LGBT community as they navigate complicated areas such as surrogacy and parenting, facilitating and supporting "coming out".

Corporate Training

As an innovator, we have taken the steps to help empower organizations to successfully deter and resolve conflicts internally. We wanted to take situations we get called for in Mediation, and eliminate them through effective corporate training workshops. We want to take great people and help them develop additional skills for success!

Conflict Resolution

Giving your team the skills to effectively recognize the cause of conflict and strategies to help resolve conflict, empowers your organization to be leaders in your field. 


Strong leadership not only helps guide your company, but also shapes the culture of your company. By helping your leaders recognize their leadership styles, potential, and ability, we are helping you build a stronger team.


As the number one cause of conflict, effective communication has become a critical tool for any organization. Recognizing the various communication means and methods, and their impact on your day to day operation is a critical skill set.